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Wetter in Bad Bramstedt in Bad Bramstedt
Wenn's regnet im Mai ...... ist der April vorbei

Holsteiner Auenland
Sonnenkraftwerk Bad Bramstedt-Auenland

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Hartmut Tamcke Gudrunstraße 32, 22559 Hamburg

Special thanks to our friend Hartmut Tamcke. He took the fantastic pictures of Haus Waldblick.

Hartmut is an artist with a unique view of the universe. -
The extraordinary way that he uses using his digicam Ein anderes Universum - is only one facet of his artful skill of arranging by camera.

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Deborah Woodson, Köln

We would like to thank our dear Deborah for the perfect translation into English. We couldn‘t find anybody better. We especially appreciate that she took her time in spite of her busy working schedule.

Deborah is in our opinion, a true soul singer because her voice comes from the heart and goes into the soul. Anyone that has had a chance to experience Deborah Woodson‘s miraculous voice in concerts or gospel shows knows what we are talking about. The others [click here].


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